April 21, 2013

US teacher pitches Muppets idea to LEGO

A 39-year-old teacher has created a selection of mini figs and play-sets based on the Muppets. Quinn Rollins has pitched his idea using the LEGO Cuusoo website, which allows users to vote for their favourite fan-made creations. Those with 10,000 votes will be officially reviewed by LEGO, and one will be chosen for production every three months, with Rollins Muppets sets currently 7,500 votes short of an official LEGO review.

LEGO Cuusoo has already seen a Back to the Future LEGO set enter production, and LEGO Legend of Zelda reviewed.

Rollins has created 40 Muppet LEGO mini figs including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and even Gonzo. Although the mini figs aren't to a standard we would expect from LEGO, it is the idea that counts with LEGO Cuusoo voters. If his idea makes it into production, Rollins will receive one per cent of the royalties from all sales made and the admiration of a lot of Muppets fans.
If you would like to help Quinn Rollins get the Muppets into possible production vote here.