April 21, 2013

Is C3PO Worth His Weight In Gold?

When Han called C3PO "Golden Rod" little did when know someone would make that happen with this Custom 24K Gold Plated Star Wars C3PO Lego Mini Fig. 3PO is available on eBay and it's designer lisbranike75 explains that the gold is real and it was plated by a very sophisticated process:
"This minifigure was chrome plated using Real 24k Gold. This minifigure is made with genuine Lego Plastic parts that have been Chrome Plated using a Vacuum Metalization Process (which vaporizes Aluminum and 24k GOLD to create the chrome plating effect). The Torso is made with a High quality water slide decal seal. It is clear coated to provide great wear protection for play or display." - lisbranike75

You have to admit the shine on this mini fig droid is amazing and would really be a great addition to any collection. To see more pics or even make a bid for the Golden Rod then head over to eBay!