April 15, 2013

10-Doh! Series 2 is a Go!

Congratulations to Nate Mitchell aka Squid Kids Ink for successfully achieving over the set goal of $15,000 on his 10-Doh! Series 2 Kickstarter campaign. Just like the first series the second has a fantastic line up of artist contributing their talents:

For those of you who are unaware, 10-Doh! is one of the characters from the "So Analog(tm)" label by Squid Kids Ink, an original brand meant to pay homage to the fallen forms of technology that many of us grew up with. The 10-Doh! figure was inspired by the classic NES cartridge and is designed to be a blank canvas for artists of all kinds to show off their talents.

If all goes to plan 10-Doh! Series 2 will debut at the Squid Kids Ink booth (#5150) at San Diego Comic Con in July. So go say hi and pick yourself up one or all of the new series.