April 15, 2013

Stone Cold Awesome Lions from GOODSTUPH & FLABSLAB

Over at The Damn Good Shop the Lion does not sleep tonight. In fact the Lions produced by FLABSLAB, and GOODSTUPH Stone Lions are not your average Stone Lions at all.

"Deep within the secret vaults of the GOODSTUPH studio, something stirs as the stone lions awake with the quiet yawn of a purr. She instinctively reaches for a pack and taps it twice with her paws. With a stick hanging carelessly between her feline teeth, she lights it up. He, on the other hand, has no patience for smoke breaks (he never could find the damned yellow box), but always keeps a bottle close – this lion needs his alcohol.
Don’t mess with this pair of fearsome stone lions – they not only keep out vampires, werewolves and actresses with a single emotion; you can also count on them to stand steadfast at your entrance, refusing to let shit out the door with a cuss."

You also receive a GOODSTUPH Stone Lions Birth Certificate to put your name down as the proud parents of these lions, so that no one can paw them away from you. Be quick to order as these delightful beasts are limited to 88 pairs for sale only.