July 15, 2013

Nemori 'Burnwood Bears' from Cris Rose and Lunabee

From the collaborative talents of Cris Rose and Lunabee have created Nemori and announced their first official release of the custom Micro Munnys, 'Burnwood Bears'.

"Where Clissold the fox is one of Nemori's bold adventurers, The Burntwood Bears live an adorably simpler, idilic existence. There are many towns and villages across Nemori, mostly filled with people like you and me, just getting on with life. They have their own jobs, interests and families, rarely finding themselves in any sort of remarkable situation. The Burnwood Bears are a group of happy folk from one of these corners of rural bliss, the little town of Burntwood. Mainly playing their days away, each has their own personality, outfit and interests. Some have jobs to do, others dream of hunting Dragons or discovering magic crystals." - Nemori

The cute 3" hand cast rest heads from the original sculpts of Mason, Nash, Ida, Milton or Kimble are hand-painted at $75 USD each with these one of a kind pieces from HERE.