July 15, 2013

Gary Ham and Lana Crooks' Limited SDCC 'Hermees' plush

Gary Ham has combined his talents with Lana Crooks to produce the super limited yet awesome 'Hermees' plush as an exclusive for SDCC.
"Hermes is a super limited edition designer plush based on the character designed by Gary Ham. Hermees was hand crafted with extreme detail and love by Lana 'The Plushinator' Crooks, in fleece and wool with embroidered embellishments and ribbon." - Press Release

The fab 14" tall and 17" wingspan each super cute bat is handmade and  comes with an etched wooden tag, numbered and signed. Hermees is priced at $200 USD and with only 5 pieces be quick to visit booth 5139 to purchase your Hermees plush.