May 24, 2013

WeLoveFine My Little Pony Hug Me Backpacks

WeLoveFine has now released three more characters for the Hug Me backpacks from the television series My Little Pony with Doctor Hooves, Pinkie Pie, and Best Pony (aka Derpy Hooves).

These new three super cute bags do differ from the first two releases of Rainbow Dash and a DJ Pon-3 as the plush add-on accessories that match the character that are anchored to the backpack via a fabric cord and can be held in the character's hoof or mouth by way of magnets. 

Best Pony comes with a plush muffin, Pinkie Pie carries a cupcake, and Doctor Hooves comes with his wand. The first 300 units will also be special editions with the accessories of Doctor Hooves being a light-up wand and Pinkie Pie a cupcake with bead sprinkles.

The Hug Me backpacks are sized to fit adults aged 13 and up, with the bag being 24" long from ear to toe. Each one is exclusive to WeLoveFine and can be purchased HERE.