May 13, 2013

The 'Londoner' Kriture Giveaway

Kriture would like to introduce their latest edition to the Soft Kriture's family 'Londoner' a special edition fur ball with a givaway attached to it, but more on that in a sec.

The 5.11" tall individually handmade Kriture, sports a very patriotic British flag of felt & fur, glow in the dark tempered glass eyes and a squarker to add aditional perosnality to it, not that you need to. Each Londoner comes custom packaged with a tag, hanger, Piercings, fridge Magnet, a note card and profile file.

You can pre-order this adorable yet cheeky Londoner from here or if you want to try luck at winning one here's how:

The Londoner will be Kriture's buddy in London from May 9 to 22, so they decided to make an entertaining giveaway for you. Kriture will be taking pictures with people and places and will be leaving stickers around London. 

Here are two ways you can enter:
If you find a Kriture giveaway sticker in London, you need to: 
  • Take a photo of the sticker and share it on instagram with the hashtag #kritureuk 
  • Follow me on instagram : (@marciagaudencio) 
  • Like Kriture on Facebook: Here 
On 22nd May, will choose one random instagram winner who followed the rules above. If you are picked, I will inform you and on 23rd will choose between you and a facebook user.The stickers look like this, I will update tips on where you can find those, on facebooktwitter and instagram.
Web followers: 
  • Like Kriture on Facebook: Here (make sure your share is public otherwise they can’t see it) 
  • Find the thread “GIVEAWAY London Soft Kriture is now OPEN” share it and comment on it 
  • Stay tuned to the album “London Soft Kriture Quest”, you will be asked to find something hidden inside a photo until 22rd May. If you find it sooner, don’t tell anyone 
On May 22, will choose one random a potential winner, who followed the rules. This persons will be asked to tell them what picture has the sticker and where is it. 
I will get in touch and on May 23 will choose between you and a instagram user.
Good luck!