May 8, 2013

Tee of the Day: TUSKEN IDOL by Scott Kinnebrew

Todays Tee of the Day goes to the awesome TUSKEN IDOL by Scott Kinnebrew.

"Be it scoundrel or scholar, I was drawn in by both Star Wars and the Indiana Jones movies as a kid. So I thought, "what's better than mashing those two?", and my response is a piece I call "Tusken Raiders of the Lost Ark". Our little golden buddy comes from the temples of Tatooine deep in the dunes and about as far away from Mos Eisley as one can get. Not only does he have the face of a Tusken Raider, but he's also riding the most loyal of the beasts of the desert, the Bantha." - Scott Kinnebrew

The Tusken Idol is screen printed on a black ultra cotton tshirt and can ordered from Outsmart Originals storenvy store here