April 24, 2013

MPHLabs and Andrew Bell Make a Deal with the Dealmaker

MPHLabs and Andrew Bell present the Dealmaker. About 4″ tall, made of soft vinyl and a touch of evil. Dealmaker is one of the first sofubi style designer toys to be entirely designed and manufactured in the USA.

"What do you desire.. money, power, love? You don’t have to depend on luck or hard work for these things any more. Come over here, let’s make a deal… it won’t cost you much more than a soul or two." - Dealmaker
The first edition, Smoke+Red, makes its debut in Vienna, Austria April 25 at the Sixxa shop where Andrew will be signing and sketching from 5 to 7.

For those who cannot make the trip to Vienna, the Dealmaker will be available online at myplasticheart May 2 for $35.