April 22, 2013

Apexplorers Artdol Mini Figures Faceoff with Winson Ma

Winson Ma, has released prototype images of his latest project 'Apexplorers Artdol'
Mini Figure
s and don't they look cool (no pun intended).

Continuing on from his Artdol Family Monkey Gorilla Faceoff series it appears that the 3" vinyl characters of Jungle, Dr.X, T-Rex, Otto, Adam and Ice all have special masks that can be switched between them. Under the mask, they have another look but by the imges it's not clear at this stage what they will look like.

Still representing the belief that everyone has two points of view Winson has created a "Planet of the Apes" in a polar type scenario where Humans and Ape cohabitant together. 

It's not clear on when these will drop, price or how they will be package but we'll keep
you posted.