April 16, 2013

Blood Sucking Vampire To Help With Diabetes

I want to suck your blood is usually associated with death from a Vampire but that thanks to designer Diana Dumitrescu "Vampire Winny" might just save lives. Dumitrescu created the  creature so that a child could take up the task of acquiring plasma samples in a way that was less scary than the typical glucose monitors.

Intended for kids the Vampire Winny concept is cute and approachable and makes the process of testing oneself logical and interactive. 

Synced with a smartphone app, the vinyl creature has a virtual counterpart who requires constant feeding. The user is reminded when deposits must be made for the health of the fanged cartoon character, encouraging the child to take regular samples by pricking his finger in the mouth of the little monster.

Although Vampire Winny is still in prototype stage we can see that it won't be long before this clever concept is on the market.