June 20, 2013

Super 7's SDCC Alien Re-Action Figures

Super 7 has released images and bucket load of info for their SDCC 2013 Alien Re-Action Figures. 

They will have four different exclusive 3.75″ Alien retro styled figures of:
  • Alien ReAction Figure “Early Bird Package”
  • Alien ReAction Figure 2 Pack “Discovered Sales Samples” Big Chap & Kane
  • Alien ReAction Figure Bases
  • Alien ReAction Figure Catalog

Alien ReAction Figure “Early Bird Package”
Pre-orders for the ALIEN ReAction Figures will begin at SDCC and fans who pre-order a set of the five ReAction Figures at our Super7’s booth will get more than they ever expected – a full Early Bird Package containing:

An ALIEN figures display stage (including original artwork created in the style of 1970s packages), Space Club Membership Card, ALIEN photos, and a sheet of ALIEN stickers!

This Package is FREE when you preorder your set of five figures at SDCC! The five ReAction Figures will be complete with accessories and on Blister Card packages -

  • THE ALIEN (“BIG CHAP”) – with removable transparent dome, extendable jaws and glow-in-the-dark head!
  • RIPLEY – with Flame Thrower
  • ASH – with Motion Detector
  • DALLAS – with Flame Thrower
  • KANE in NOSTROMO SPACESUIT – with removable helmet and transparent visor

The Early Bird preorder for the five figures is only $100.00 USD with the rest of the world $125 (+tax) including shipping. These very limited figures will ship between October 1~December 31 and the Early Bird Package will be handed to you at SDCC at the Super7 booth #5245.