June 20, 2013

Madballs of Death from The Amazing Zectron and Tru:Tek

The collaboration between The Amazing Zectron and Tru:Tek has revealed the awesome 'Madball of Death' series, which will be in featured line-up of Clutter's June Toy Mafia event.

"Inspired by AmToys' iconic '80s line, '50s sci-fi, and a dash of neo-kaiju, these bouncy polyurethane rubber cast pieces split into two halves to reveal a tentacled parasite inside and then rejoined by neo-magnets." 

This rad series is very limited with only 11 pieces worldwide available in 5 black w/pink parasite, 5 pink w/black parasite, and o1 chase done in mixed parts with marbled insert. Each Madball of Death comes with header card artwork by The Amazing Zectron and Ralph Niese.