June 18, 2013

Mr.T Custom from Hammer of the Gods

Thanks to a Facebook post from Hoard World we get to be in the presence of a great custom action figure of Mr.T by the talented Hammer of the Gods

"First name, Mister. Middle name, period. Last name, T.If you don't love Mr. T, then you hate America. His tears can cure cancer. Unfortunately, he has never cried...ever."

The Head, torso and upper arms from a Clubber Lang figure while the legs and upper teeth from John Cena of the WWE. The Lower arms from Bobby Lashley and vest from a Paulie figure from Jakks Rocky line. The rest is Sculpty, craft chain, flexi-foam for fether earings and gold craft beads cut and shaped into rings for his hands. What a rad figure for any A-Team of Mr.T fan.