June 18, 2013

Morrow has a Tree House and a Keeper of the Forest from Taylored Curiosities

Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities released her latest custom Mini Munny known as "The Keeper of the Forest."
The Keeper of the Forest, is a wise old beast, He wanders round the Earth, looking for a feast. He's always very hungry, he could eat a tasty horse, But the Morrow find him biscuits, it's what he craves, of course.' 
Incorporated the tiny but rad 0.6" tall Morrow figure into this but don't get too attached to The Keeper of the Forest as it's already sold out. But the hits just keep on coming with Penny's second forest themed piece with the 'Morrow Treehouse'.

The 7.5" Dudebox custom was created as a functional treehouse for Penny's tiny Morrow creatures. The Dudebox is hand painted and detailed for that authentic tree effect along with sculpted fungus, hand embroidered leaves and moss. No word yet on when Morrow will be released but keep an eye out for this awesome one of kind figure at Taylored Curiosities HERE.