April 28, 2013

Tic Top 5: Interview with Jon-Paul Kaiser (JPK)

Welcome to Tic Top 5 where we ask an artist or specialist the hard hitting questions (not really they're actual quite easy). Todays artist is U.K. based Jon-Paul Kaiser (JPK), Illustrator, Designer, Customiser of Designer Toys and Store Owner of Rhyme Square.

Working as a designer and illustrator, JPK’s career path took him through a variety of jobs, projects and trends until he was introduced to designer toys by his friend Porlzilla. Together they created their own original resin-cast limited edition art toys and sold them through their website. 

After working with Porlzilla, Jon-Paul decided to go it alone concentrating at first on the toy customization scene, building up a name and strong reputation for himself with his stark Black & White custom style, influenced by comic book art, film noir & Ukiyo-e prints. As his reputation grew, he was also invited to participate in more and higher profile art exhibitions such as Show Me The (mini) Munny, Art Strikes Back and Sketchbot Custom Show V2; just to name a few.

JPK's body of work is extensive producing both original pieces like his fantastic "Captain Sturnbrau" among others and loads of world renowned custom figures which you can see here. With all this experience we would be remiss not to ask Jon-Paul to answer the Tic Top 5 for today:
  1. How did you start in the industry of creating & customizing?
    I started out drawing Transformers when I was about 4 or 5 and never stopped really. I studied Model Making at University with the aim of creating Toys, characters and models and was eventually introduced to the Urban Vinyl/Art Toy scene by Porl of Porlzilla.
  2. What was the first toy or item you customized or created?
    I used to make old Fisher Price cars into battle-wagons when I was young, does that count? 
  3. What influences you?
    I'm inspired by all kinds of things; Walks in the woods, conversations with friends, films, travelling, nature, fine art, my wife and daydreaming.

  4. What are your weapons of choice?
    A decent paint bush!

  5. If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead) who would it be?Hmm... There's several! Kurt Schwitters, The Chapman Brothers, Angry Woebots, Yoskay Yamamoto, Murakami, Ralph McQuarrie, Mark Boudreaux, Picasso, Francis Bacon, Mark Landwehr, there's too many to name.

If you'd like to get in touch or know more about the awesome Jon-Paul Kaiser here's his links:
Coming back tomorrow to see who's next in the Tic Top 5 hot seat.