April 17, 2013

Mezco have Created a Plush Krampus

More Mezco news with the announcement of folklore legend Gruss Vom Krampus being released in October. This oversized sinfully adorable mythic creature, Krampus stands 12″ tall with devilish horns, cloven hooves and is a huggable plump plush that is perfect for those who enjoy the darker side of the holiday spirit.
“Krampus has really been busy recently. He’s appeared on Scooby Doo, The Venture Brothers, The Colbert Report, the popular Grimm Fairy Tales comic, and in a cool series of bumpers for G4. NPR recently reported several Pennsylvania towns are even organizing holiday Krampus parades. It’s a good time for Krumpus…but a bad time to be naughty.” - Mezco’s resident Krampus enthusiast, Mike Drake.

According to traditional Austrian legend, this beast is responsible for “handling” all the naughty children during the holiday season, gathering them and taking him back to his lair. The Krampus creature was outlawed in 1934 but the ban was lifted and has become a holiday phenomenon gaining worldwide popularity for his devilish representation of the holiday spirit.

So be good and pre-order your Mega Scale Krampus now at the Mezco Store before he takes you back to his lair.