April 17, 2013

Erick Scarecrow and his Little Axe Red

Erick Scarecrow x ESC Toy's latest piece 'Little Axe Red' reinvents the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood not being as timid as first thought. In Eric's newest creation, Little Red now wears a wolves paw glove and Wolf head as a helmet and looks like she know how to swing an axe or two. 

Included in the Little Axe Red set is the hand painted 6” Little Axe Red resin figure, a 3” hand painted Wolf head resin figure and two axes (Sweet Steel Axe and The Blue Truth Teller Axe). The painting is seamless and the design is beautiful! Let's hope we see more of Eric's retelling fairytale figures in the future. 

But be quick to purchase one from the ESC Toys site here April 20 around 11am EST as the set is limited to only 15 pieces worldwide.