April 23, 2013

LOCKS is on 'coarse' to pre-order May 2!

coarse released images of their new product LOCKS. Sculpted by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, the 11" tall vinyl is available in a beautiful Blush (Pink) and classic Milky Bliss (White). 

"NEW LIFE: With each emergence of the sun, the fruits grew bigger and fatter, the Locks inside them sprouting sleek heads and monstrous hands so big and heavy that their shells weakened before the creatures’ feet could grow. All at once, they came plummeting down from the trees, some so heavy they tore down entire branches. Angry at the captivity to which creation had confined them, each one sought a way out of the forest, using one hand to propel him far into the air and the other to break his fall and launch him forth again. 
Along the way, they soared beneath a paw! tree as it sprinkled down fresh tiny monkey rabbits. For a moment, each creature stopped, their kernel brains trying to assess whether or not the foreigner was an enemy. The earth rumbled as the horde of newborns went out into the meadows together, freedom awaiting them in the boundlessness of their new world." - course

The detail and form on LOCKS is fantastic and the gift box packaging makes receiving these bad boys even sweeter.

Each color is limited to 250 pieces so be quick to pre-order now from the coarse store on May 2.