June 27, 2013

Darren Clegg's Rad Steampunk Stewie

We spied HERE at the start of the week Darren Clegg aka Klang Customs a new custom he was working on, now Darren has released the very cool 'Steampunk Stewie and his Mechanical Cephalopod'.

The 6.5" high, 9" wide and 8" long steampunk inspired custom uses Mr. Capman Kanser and Stewie Griffin this wonderfully detailed figure reminiscent of an old pulp adventure film. What makes the Mechanical Cephalopod so cool is the red light that illuminates the eyes and base if the figure.

The great news is 'Steampunk Stewie' can be yours for only $230 USD + S&H HERE at the Collect & Display store. The bad news is that there is only one so be quick to own this rad figure.