September 25, 2013

'White Star Edition' Outer Space Men at NYCC

The Four Horsemen have announced they will be selling 'White Star Edition' Outer Space Men at NYCC.

Designed to match another set of all-white Outer Space Men figures which were sold at the ActionFigureXpress' SDCC booth, the Four Horsemen will be making these six rad figures available both individually and in smaller sets that are packaged in poly-bags with “White Star Edition” stickers.

Here is the breakdown of the articulated figures and their prices:
  • Wave 6, Deluxe 2 set (Colossus Rex, Horrorscope & Ohpromatem) Beta/White Star Edition – $35
  • Wave 7, Deluxe 3 set (Gamma-X, Jack Asteroid & Terra Firma) Beta/White Star Edition – $35
  • Colossus Rex Beta/White Star Edition – $16
  • Gamma-X Beta/White Star Edition – $16
  • Horrorscope Beta/White Star Edition – $11
  • Ohpromatem Beta/White Star Edition – $11
  • Terra Firma  Beta/White Star Edition – $11
  • Jack Asteroid Beta/White Star Edition – $11
The 'White Star Edition' Outer Space Men will be available at the Onell Designs booth October 13 in limited quantities followed by HERE on the Monday after NYCC.

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