July 8, 2013

Super7's Full SDCC Exclusive Range

We've been holding off on Super7's SDCC exclusives but now they have revealed the complete line-up of Vinyl Toys for 2013!

Crystal-mecha 'First Strike'
Designed by Brian Flynn’s first entry into the DESTROY ALL KAIJU! line of standard-sized (approximately 9” tall) vintage-inspired vinyl figures. Generously articulated at the neck, shoulders, legs, and wrists, and cast in glossy black Japanese vinyl with a translucent orange crystal head at $95 each.

Foster 'Glitter Grape' 
Everyone’s favorite 3" cannibal cookie is back in a delicious new flavor: translucent purple vinyl with glitter throughout along with light blue sprays for the facial features and filling. FOSTER is designed by Brian Flynn at $25 each.

Doku Duo 'Orange Fizz'
Super7 x Secret Base collaboration! The legendary ZOMBIEFIGHTER is stitched up and in the ring for another battle – this time as a colorful composite of various body parts! The figure is cast in various different colors of vinyl: grisley Glow-in-the-Dark torso, ghostly grey head, and gangrene green arms. Detailed throughout with blue, yellow, brown, black, and dark green sprays. The ZOMBIEFIGHTER measures almost 6 inches tall and features articulated arms and neck for $65 each.

Zombie Fighter 'Mixed Up Massacre'
Brian Flynn’s cute and bizarre totem DOKU DUO stares (twice) into the huge crowds of San Diego Comic Con! This unique entry into the Monster Family is constructed of translucent glitter-filled orange vinyl with dark orange gradations, yellow, and light blue sprays. This Japanese soft vinyl collectible stands approximately 4 inches tall and can be rotated at the neck at $35 each.

Little Prick 'Late Night'
Come to Comic Con to complete your collection of the cute cactus creature covered in colorful cones and quills! Brian Flynn’s Little Prick is just about four inches and ready for Late Night action. Cast in purple vinyl with green and red sprays, along with black trimmed tighty whities for $35 each.

Fossilla 'Raids Again'
Be it ancient asteroids, impossible ageing  or aerobic decomposition, you can’t keep a good kaiju down! Clear the streets (and you toy shelf) as FOSSILLA RAIDS AGAIN! Joshua Herbolsheimer’s part-dino, part-skeleton, part-sludge, all-kaiju creation is cast in goopy green vinyl and decorated black, violet, and metallic purple sprays along with blood red guts and bleached bones. This popular prehistoric personality is a member of the DESTROY ALL KAIJU! line of standard-sized (approx 9” tall) vintage-inspired vinyl figures, and is able to be posed at the neck, shoulders, and thunderous thighs at $95 each.

A collaborative project between Super7 and our favorite artist friends, the MONSTER FAMILY is a collection of diverse creatures, from the cute to the creepy. Each figure stands approximately 4" tall and is made from high-quality Japanese vinyl.

Honoo 'Nightfire'
Leecifer’s burning flame is a fantastic orange vinyl swirled together with Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl. Detailed with brown and dark orange sprays with bright blue eyes.

Leroy C 'Pink Passion'
Invisible Creature’s devilish dinosaur is densely packed with silver glitter throughout the translucent pink vinyl. White, blue, and violet sprays highlight the figure!

Zagaturd 'Super Misty Bros'
For the first time ever, Le Merde’s Le Turd mashes together with Gargamel’s Zagarad to produce the cool and creepy Zagaturd! Black, red, and metallic blue sprays add to tremendous appearance of the Orange swirl head with a Blue Glow-in-the-Dark body. Characters and colors collide! for $35 each.

Caveman Dinosaur 'Prehistoric Punch'
Start each day with a roar by adding the CAVEMAN DINOSAUR to your toy shelf! This Limited Edition figure stands 4 inches tall and is articulated at the waist – get yours before he goes extinct at $35.

Mummy Gator 'Creamy Filling'
Super7′s swamp-mascot pokes his bandaged nose out the water! MUMMY GATOR is comprised of orange and Glow in the Dark vinyl swirled together, with white and red facial details. As with every swirled vinyl figure, no two are exactly alike! Standing 6 inches tall and articulated at the neck and remaining arm (with non-articulated bone stump) for $50.

Monoghost 'Underworld'
The brand new denizen of Ghostland had come up from the Underworld! From the mind of Brian Flynn comes this all-translucent vinyl figure with limbs cast in different colors: smoke body, blue arms, and yellow horns. Expertly painted with white, yellow, blue, and metallic silver to enhance the arcane patterns and visible inner workings of the monstrous MONOGHOST. Standing at a over nine inches tall, this Limited Edition figure has articulated horns, arms, waist, and neck for $65.

Mystery Micro 2-packs – Mummy Boy & Rose Vampire
Sold as “blind bagged” sets of two figures – each bag is guaranteed to contain one Mummy Boy and one Rose Vampire. However, the bags may contain figures cast in different colors of vinyl: a deep Forest Green or an Orange & Glow-in-the-Dark swirl. They are small and cute and fun and you can’t resist…so give in and Collect ‘Em All for $20 per set of two figures.

Pocket Rose Vampire 'Tangerine Terror'
Whether stalking the night or growing untended in a Transylvanian garden, the ROSE VAMPIRE continues to gather a legion of loyal acolytes (which basically means that the little dude has a lot of fans these days). Cast in “Tangerine” tinted translucent orange vinyl, Roseferatu has shrunk down to pocket-size (3″) to travel with you wherever he is needed! Created by Joshua Herbolsheimer, this Limited Edition figure is articulated at the neck…a perfect location in which to sink your teeth…and is brought to undead life with green, orange, red and white sprays for $25.

Pocket Baseball Boy 'Padres Tribute' – Classic & Modern
Created by Brian Flynn Baseball Boy stands 3” tall and is comprised of high-quality Japanese vinyl, these two Con Exclusives are the perfect souvenir to help you relive SDCC 2013 all year long! The SD Modern BASEBALL BOY is cast in navy blue for the body, and detailed with blue-grey, dark blue, black. The head is a base white vinyl with bright red stitching throughout at $25 each – Classic or Modern
As you can see there's something for everyone from Super7 so to grab one or all of these visit booth their booth 5245 these Limited Edition collectibles, as they will NOT be available at their store before or after the event!