July 4, 2013

Fuller's Rad Transformers Thrust G1 Custom

Check out James Fuller aka Fuller Designs' latest super rad custom he just posted on his Facebook page titled 'Transformers Thrust G1'.

"Thrust is a loud-mouthed braggart who will claim victory before he's even taken the field. The other Decepticons have learned there's no being sneaky when he's around. He tries to terrify and demoralize the enemy with loud rumbling roars from his engines and boasts from his vocal circuits. The truth is that Thrust is mostly bluster with little to back it up. Any sort of strong resistance can send him flying back the way he came." 

This is Fuller's first 3" KaNo custom using acrylic and airbrush paints which are awesomely detailed along with beautifully hand made window display box packaging. Unfortunately Thrust has already be sold to one lucky son of a gun, but you can check out Fuller's other amazing work HERE.