June 12, 2013

Two Rad 50th Anniversary Astro Boy Figures

ZC World has announce that will be releasing not one but two new Astro Boy figures in the  Master Series range for Astro's 50th Anniversary Debut.

The Tezuka Productions 11.8" Astro (Atom) Boy PVC figures are based on memorable scenes from the classic 1963 cartoon. Each comes with one costume (red tuxedo for series 02 and yellow/white play outfit series 03) and is articulated in the head and shoulder areas.

To be honest the Series 02 and 03 figures are exactly the same as Series 01, with different costumes, so it would have been nice to see different facial expressions at least. But it's Astro Boy so who cares, right? 

Both figures will premier and available to purchase at the ACGHK Exhibition in Hong Kong or available to pre-order HERE now and due for release in July.