June 16, 2013

Tesselate's New Music Bot 'Z7200'

Thanks to Man-E-Toys.com for the heads up on UK based resin artist Tesselate who's announced their latest addition to the ED-IT DJ music ‘bots with their founding member, Z7200.

“Z7200 is a founding member of the ED-IT DJ partnership alongside B5100. Not often seen on stage or in the public eye, they operate behind the scenes and run the sister business of ACCEX, which develop and produce the machines that the crew use.  Every so often they will trial new prototypes by performing impromptu sessions at the Berlin arm of their ‘Ready Place’ clubs. So, if you enjoy a discussion on the latest trends in pattern chips or the processing speed of a Trylon© drive, you know exactly who to speak with…”

The 6" tall hand cast and painted in a bright green, red and yellow colourway and comes complete with beat-up Accex club desk and mixing accessories, Z7200 is available to order June 17 HERE

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