June 25, 2013

Course take The Passage to Awesomeness

Coarse has revealed probably the most amazing group of figures titled 'The Passage'.

These three distinct vinyl figures includes the huddled Ruth, the domineering Void gripping the oars, and his minion Omen keeping watch at the bow and are part of the most complex story ever told by coarse within the last 10 years. The boat length is 16'' width, 8.5''height and 11'' high. 

The set also comes with twelve golden cubes on board, so Void will keep his removable Trojan horse mask fixed tightly to ward off any rogue omens who might try to swoop in and snatch his precious cargo. The backstory to this epic piece is amazing so be sure to read ‘HERE.

Beautifully packaged, The Passage is limited to only 222 pieces and will be available for pre-order on July 6, 2013 from HERE for $490 USD including global shipping with a release due in the fourth quarter of 2013.

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