April 25, 2013

The Wooden Artist Mannequin is made redundant with the Qumarion Humanoid Input Device.

It seems like the traditional wooden artist mannequin has become a sort of decor nowadays thanks to Ikea. But the Qumarion Humanoid Input Device a futuristic, robotic version of the classic mannequin might just do that. This device not only allows creators to manipulate its limbs in order to display different posing possibilities but it also communicates directly with your computer.

The Qumarion Humanoid Input Device is appealing to more of an animator and illustrator demographic but you have to appreciate the versatility and efficiency that it will provided, going forward. Using the QUMA software will allow users to operate 3D characters and with its sleek gender-neutral design, it is able to express postures for both males and females. 

Clip Studio created the Qumarion Humanoid Input Device which comes with additional hand pieces and stand for more realistic positioning. The Qumarion Humanoid Input Device will start as limited edition of which will be on sale later this year from here.